5 Reasons to Contact a Car Accident Lawyer

When an individual has been involved in a car accident, they may be unsure of what to do next. Depending on the seriousness of the car accident ,it is important to seek the help and services of a car accident lawyer.

The best time to get the help of a car accident lawyer is immediately after the accident especially after taking care of the immediate medical needs.

Depending on the insurance laws of the particular state or country, there is a limit to the time you need to notify your insurance provider because the accident benefits also have a particular time for application. Therefore contacting a car accident lawyer ensures that these important deadlines are met and mistakes will not be made that can affect the outcome of the claim.

The following are 5 reasons to contact a car accident lawyer:

1. If there are injuries like fractures, internal bleeding, spinal cord trauma ,scarring, traumatic brain injury, paralysis ,torn ligaments and chronic pain. These injuries from a car accident can result in large health care expenses as well as lost wages. Involving a lawyer can help to seek compensation. At times ,some people may feel fine following an accident, but it is always important to have a lawyer because it can take days and weeks before people experience pain which can result in expensive and long-term treatment.

2. Contacting your car accident lawyer ensures that the insurance company does not deny parts of the claim because the lawyer knows that the no-fault insurance system entitles an individual to accident benefits even if the individual is the one who caused the car accident. Insurance companies are able to state that an individual is not eligible for certain benefits during the time the accident occurred. A lawyer when contacted immediately can assist in defending the right to fair compensation.

3. In case an individual is accused of causing the car accident by the careless or negligent driver this can affect the ability to seek any type of compensation. However a lawyer may be able to collect witness testimony as well as evidence necessary to support the innocent person. The lawyers may also have access to a variety of technical experts like chiropractors, forensic specialists and auto body specialists that are able to investigate the car accident.

4. Individuals who find the claims process difficult can use the services of a car accident lawyer because it is very easy to make a mistake in the process of seeking accident compensation. Having a lawyer who is experienced helps complete the forms as well as handle the claims process. After a car accident, those injured may not be in a frame of mind that can enable them to do the insurance company’s paperwork.

5. A lawyer can be used by an individual who is not satisfied with the compensation that is offered. This is because of the insurance company offering a compensation that is inadequate in addressing the severity of the injuries as well as the losses suffered as a result of the car accident.

What are the Top Accidents that Car Accident Attorneys In Chicago Represent?

People who’ve been injured in car accidents, workplace accidents, on business premises or because of malfunctioning equipment have the legal right to file legal lawsuits or claims for compensation. Car accident attorneys in Chicago specialize in such cases and they handle legal matters that involve matters like wrongful termination, sexual harassment cases, breach of contract, fraud cases and other litigation matters. Car accident attorneys in Chicago can help you in such matters that result from injuries sustained because of accidents, and they handle their cases with experience, sympathy and professionalism.

Getting the Compensation That You Deserve

While many people may have heard of multi-million dollar settlements or awards in extreme cases, but even the most minor of injuries can get victims significant amounts of compensation. Car accident attorneys in Chicago will offer you consultation, and in most cases for free to help victims understand the merits of their cases. Anyone with a legitimate claim doesn’t require extensive resources in order to file a lawsuit. The best car accident attorneys in Chicago will accept cases based on contingency terms, which means the client will only pay legal fees after they reach a settlement or are awarded damages by the court. These contingency fees normally range between 30 and 40 percent of the total amount awarded.

Personal injuries can bring about severe consequences. In most cases, victims of car accidents lose their time from work, undergo pain and suffering, and their ability to work again might be compromised because of their injuries.

If another party’s actions such as negligence result in injuries, you as the victim are entitled to seek damages in court. But this process can be very lengthy and complex, at times lasting for many months to years. In certain cases insurance companies will be quick to settle, but normally this will be in fear of paying more if the case goes to trial.

As a victim to a car accident due to another party’s negligence, you are entitled to be compensated for your losses, injuries, pain and suffering caused by the accident. You are also entitled to wages lost during your time out of work as well as losses to your vehicle and property resulting from the car wreck.

Car accident attorneys in Chicago will sit down with you and hear every aspect of your story. From then you can place your confidence and trust in their ability to give you the best guidance. They will create a custom plan which will suit your needs.

The following are the most common types of accidents represented by car accident attorneys in Chicago:

  • Car accident
  • Pedestrian accident
  • Bicycle accident
  • Truck accident
  • Motorcycle accident

After being involved in a car accident, you need the best possible legal representation to get a settlement or award for any injuries and losses sustained to you.

Can Personal Injury Attorneys In Chicago Guarantee Me Money?

You need to have a really good case whether or not you use the services of a personal injury attorney. Personal injury attorneys in Chicago can help you get more money than somebody who tries to represent themselves in a courtroom. The courtroom is no easy place, and if you don’t have the proper legal representation such as that of highly qualified and experienced personal injury attorneys in Chicago you’ll be bewildered as you see a potential award get tossed out through the window.

Keep in mind that personal injury attorneys in Chicago can help you get more money, but they cannot guarantee to get you more money. A lawyer will look at your case and determine whether or not it has enough merits to reach a settlement or an award, and if it has enough merits for a settlement or award he or she may arrange contingency fees with you. This is when your lawyer doesn’t charge any up-front fees and will only get a percentage of the settlement or amount awarded. No personal injury attorney can guarantee you money and if one does that, you may want to scrutinize them further.


As previously mentioned above, a personal injury attorney won’t likely charge for their services unless you win your case (contingency fee). This percentage can be quite significant and you’ll need to know this percentage when deciding to file a lawsuit. Your attorney can help you file for a lawsuit.


You need to always remember that you may be required to pay taxes on all your compensations from a lawsuit awarded. If you happen to withdraw the amount awarded to you early, you may be forced to pay taxes and penalties for the compensation. This is what happens, and your attorney will also advise you on the same thing.

The best personal injury attorneys in Chicago will be honest with you right from the start after evaluating your case. In certain cases they will be willing to agree to a contingency fee, which will most likely get you more money than you previously had before hiring their services. But with all that said, a personal injury attorney cannot guarantee you more money.

While every case is unique its own, a personal an experienced personal injury attorney will have dealt with many similar cases before. He or she will be in a position to ascertain whether or not your case has enough merits to reach a settlement or award. It’s no guarantee that hiring personal injury attorneys in Chicago will get you more money, but the best lawyers can guarantee that they will treat your case with the greatest consideration and attention that you deserve. Even if they cannot help your case, they’ll recommend one who can.

Are Medical Malpractice Attorneys In Chicago Able to Visit in the Hospital?

The medical malpractice attorneys in Chicago are able to represent clients who are killed or injured by the careless or intentional acts of hospitals, nurses, doctors, psychiatrists, chiropractors, dentists and podiatrists.

When the medical errors cause a patient or patients to suffer significant death or injury, they provide the basis for a medical malpractice lawsuit that can be handled by medical malpractice attorneys in Chicago .

The medical malpractice attorneys in Chicago are able to visit the hospital because most of the common medical malpractice lawsuits are those that involve a provider’s failure to properly diagnose a patient.

This can happen when a patient trusts the health care providers to perform the necessary steps in order to determine what is causing their symptoms. But, in doing so, the health care provider may fail to diagnose the true medical condition or to make the wrong diagnosis.

This misdiagnosis can then lead a patient to get the wrong treatment path, delaying proper treatment. This makes it necessary to involve medical malpractice attorneys in Chicago.

Since medical conditions are treatable if caught early, it is important for the physicians to make the correct and proper diagnosis since lack of this can lead to further injury or death. Missed or incorrect diagnosis usually involve heart attack, infection, aortic dissection, pneumonia, pulmonary embolism and appendicitis. The following cancers can also be misdiagnosed causing a medical malpractice to be undertaken by medical malpractice attorneys in Chicago.

These cancers are breast cancer ,lung cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer and cervical cancer. Delayed diagnoses are also common medical malpractices when a health care provider delays any diagnosis which puts patients at a disadvantage and also increases their risk for complications or even death.

Incidents of delayed diagnoses can occur when a medical provider loses test results, misreads the tests or x-rays, or fails to perform correct tests. The medical malpractice attorneys in Chicago have a right to be able to go to the hospital in cases where the patients are not made to fully understand their options before they are given non–emergent medical treatments.

Before a patient can be treated, the physician is required to tell the patient all the benefits as well as risks that are associated with the procedure and any alternative treatments that may be required . Patients should be given this information in a language they can understand so that they can make a sound decision before giving consent.

Errors which can make medical malpractice attorneys In Chicago visit the hospital also include doctor errors, hospital error, surgical error, nursing error, anesthesia error and pharmaceutical error.

Other malpractices include abuse in a nursing home where the patient’s needs are not met and where they are not cared for. Negligence as well as elder abuse is common. This will compromise the well-being, health as well as dignity of some of the society’s most vulnerable members.

Can an Orange County Divorce Lawyer Represent Me and My Spouse?

An Orange County divorce lawyer can represent both you and your spouse in a divorce proceeding in most states. The procedure can be tricky and using the same layer requires that you and your spouse be both open and honest with the attorney. Usually the major areas of contention are property and children.

If you and your spouse use the same Orange County divorce lawyer you can save time, money, and mental anguish in a divorce. In many instances you will not even have to go to court. Your attorney can handle all of the court proceedings for you if you are honest with each other and with your lawyer.

This type of divorce is usually considered to be an uncontested divorce. The term means that both parties agree to divorce on the same grounds or basis and are in agreement about the division of common property and the rights to visit children or to keep your children.

It is extremely advisable that you and your spouse come to an agreement about all property and money that you accumulated during the marriage before you see an Orange County divorce lawyer. This means every penny and everything that you both bought during the marriage. Gifts are excluded.

If you decide on who gets what before you see an Orange County divorce lawyer, you make their job much easier. The less time your attorney has to spend hammering out a decision about property and money out of you then the less the divorce will cost you. You need to put feelings aside as much as possible and deal with the other party in the divorce as honestly and reasonably as you possibly can.

If children are involved, you and your spouse can benefit yourselves by deciding who will keep the children, what visitation rights each person has, and what amount of financial support is needed for the children. Again, the more of the work of negotiation that you and your spouse do about children, the less time your Orange County divorce lawyer has to spend negotiating these details between you. That means you pay less.

Usually, your attorney will meet with each party in the divorce separately to get their views on the cause of the divorce and their opinion about the distribution of property and the responsibilities for your children. The attorney will then draw up the divorce papers and meet with both parties to assure each person that they are getting what they have agreed to as far as property and children are concerned. The attorney can then file the papers and tell you when the court approved the divorce and settlement.

Using the same Orange County divorce lawyer can save you time, money, and emotional anguish. You must be willing to give and negotiate in order for the process to work.